Ministry Vision

The vision of Light of Life Ministry (LOLM) differs from our Ministry Statement of Purpose. While our purpose remains constant, our vision is ever increasing and growing. Since the founding of LOLM in 2006 we have already undergone change in our concept of a small one man operation to a ministry that will expand and eventually have several people serving in various capacities. As of the beginning of 2014 there are already fifteen people writing materials and/or articles for LOLM and the Wesley Institute program. Not all of these hold staff or ministry positions with LOLM, but some do. Currently there are three staff members: J. Oliver Jones, Director; Barbara Jones, Administrative Assistant; and Lanny Carpenter, Staff Writer and Teacher. God is definitely at work and the vision continues to grow. There is no way to tell you what the future holds, but below we will share with you where we believe the Lord is leading. 

Written Materials: There will never be a time when doctrinally sound Bible studies and training materials will not be needed. The Lord is providing many well qualified and gifted writers to come alongside LOLM to help in this area. We believe the Lord will have us to increase our production of such materials. The Wesley Institute of Bible and Ministry Training has several books in print, with some 30 studies being developed. A Christian novel has now been written, Six Hours of Eternity, that could have a future major impact in the area of Evangelism.  In addition we presently provide a good variety of booklets covering various themes and topics. Our goal for the future is to offer many more publications in these different formats.

The Illuminator: Our bi-monthly newsletter of 12 pages has been expanded to a 20-page quarterly publication containing articles on various Christian subjects. Our goal is to produce a theme-centered magazine that provides pertinent information by a variety of Christian authors. (Illuminator)

Education: This is a very broad category, but we will sum it up as briefly as possible. We believe the level of Biblical literacy is at an all time low (We would encourage you to read the article titled “A Crisis of Theological Illiteracy”). This trend of Biblical and Theological Illiteracy must be reversed, and this will only happen as our church leaders understand and take responsibility for the Christian education of their people. It is the desire of LOLM to offer assistance to both pastors and churches to help with that change of direction. The primary vehicle wil be the continuing development of a  solid “Foundations” study program for all believers, especially new converts (see The Wesley Institute).

Evangelism: This is God’s plan for the building of His Church. All of man’s programs will not take its place. Every believer is called to be a witness, and LOLM will continue to teach and train people in personal evangelism (see Becoming an Effective Witness). Our goal is to enlist a team of 100 individuals with a desire to be involved in personal evangelism. This team will pray for the Lord of the harvest to give each member at least 10 souls per year for the Kingdom. (See Evangelism/Discipleship Ministry)

Discipleship: It is essential to have an ongoing discipleship ministry to assist in the development of Christian maturity in every believer. It is our desire to initially develop 10 small group ministry leaders for the purpose of discipling believers, especially new converts, into maturity. This ministry will of necessity grow as more people are reached for Christ. (See Evangelism/Discipleship Ministry)