Ministry Affiliations

Light of Life Ministry (LOLM) is an independent ministry run by its Director, controlled by its Board of Directors, and funded through contributions and the sale of ministry materials. LOLM is associated with The Southern Methodist Church, not to be confused with the United Methodist Church, and Southern Methodist College in Orangeburg, SC. The Director, Daniel H. Shapley, is ordained through the Mid-South Conference of the Southern Methodist Church. The Board Chairman, Jack Davis, is also an ordained minister and pastor of the First Southern Methodist Church in Nashville, and the majority of the Board and staff are members of a Southern Methodist Church. This having been said, the Board Chairman was educated and received his degree through the Free Will Baptist College in Nashville, TN. maintains a close connection with this sister denomination. In addition, one LOLM Board member, Keith Kenemer, is a Senior Account Executive with Randall House Publications (a Free Will Baptist operation) and a respected member of the Free Will Baptist denomination. Another board member, Gary Briden, is the Executive Director of the Association of Independent Methodist churches (AIM) with headquarters in Jackson, MS. In addition to these ministry ties, LOLM also has ties with Independent Fellowship of Bible Churches (IFBC) and the Fundamental Wesleyan Society (FWS).