Articles by Jim Jones

Founder and former Director of Light of Life Ministries, Jim was a passionate crusader for Christian education in the church. His writing reflects his passion and his commitment.

Articles by Lanny Carpenter

Pastor, writer, and educator, Lanny is a staff member of the Light of Life Ministries team. He has written and co-written several of the Bible studies and other works.

Articles by Vic Reasoner

The following articles were written by Dr. Vic Reasoner. Vic is a Wesleyan-Arminian theologian well known for his scholarship and writings. Currently, he serves as president of Southern Methodist College in Orangeburg, SC, and pastors a church in the Southern Methodist denomination.

BLOG – Articles by Dan Shapley

Dan is the current Director of Light of Life Ministries. He is a former college president, educator, principal, and pastor who shares the vision and passion of the founder for solid Christian education in the church.

Articles by Danny Carpenter

Lanny’s brother and a longterm missionary to Venezuela, Danny has helped found, develop and grow churches, and now is seeking to disciple the next generation of missionaries.

My Testimony – Robert Vaughan

The Creation Corner


Miscellaneous Articles