Introduction to LOLM

Light of Life Ministry (LOLM) was born in the spring of 2006, legalized in May as a State of Tennessee Non-profit Corporation, and officially approved in June as an IRC 501c3 Religious Non-profit Organization by the Internal Revenue Service. The goal of this ministry is to establish teaching centers in as many places as possible for the purpose of:

  • Helping Christians become effective witnesses to the lost through training and example.
  • Teaching sound doctrine in a small group environment (and making it exciting!).
  • Training others to become home-cell Bible teachers, Sunday school teachers, etc.
  • Discipling those won to Christ in all the above, so the whole process can be repeated.

Light of Life Ministry is designed to work with a church when it so desires or to work independently when necessary. Either way, the focus is to witness, teach, train and disciple. In this endeavor most of our teaching and training materials will be written by and published through Light of Life Ministryto insure the Biblical and doctrinal soundness of all material taught, whether within a church setting or through home-cell study groups. When permitted we will hold conferences, seminars, and revival meetings in any church that will allow us to teach the truth of God’s Word without restriction. In situations where people desire to hear the sound teaching of God’s Word, but whose church does not teach such truth, we will strive to establish a teaching center in an available home so that truth may be taught!

If you would like more information on LOLM such as our Statement of Faith, church affiliations, information on the Founder and Director, or the Ministry Board and Staff, please go to the About LOLM page of this site and click on the pull down menus. If you desire to be added to the Ministry mailing list or would like to email or call LOLM, please go to the Contact LOLM page of this site.

Publications and Articles

We hope you will take time to browse some of our articles and publications. There will be constant additions to these sections as LOLM is currently writing and publishing study materials to be used by individuals or in small groups such as Bible studies or Sunday schools. Articles written by the LOLM Director, Board members, or staff will be available for free downloads in .pdf format. Articles by other than LOLM personnel that agree with and express the Biblical views and doctrines held by this ministry will be posted when permission is given by the respective authors to do so. You will also find the current and several past copies of the ministry newsletter, The Illuminator, which is a free publication containing relevant educational articles and information about LOLM.

Ministry Partner

If after reading about the Ministry Vision of LOLM you would like to be a ministry partner, enter Donations for the details and various ways you can help support this work.