Friday, January 19, 2018

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The Wesley Institute

of Bible and Ministry Training

101 Laying the Foundation102 Building on the Foundation103 Becoming An Effective Witness104 A Study of the Christ105 The Holy Spirit110 Romans201 World Religions and Cults204 John Wesley

J. Oliver Jones"Hello! My name is J. Oliver (Jim) Jones , and I am the Founder and Director of Light of Life Ministry. I am excited to share with you concerning LOLM's Wesley Institute of Bible and Ministry Training. This program has been designed and developed to provide Biblical training for laity and ministerial training for those entering or advancing in Christian ministry. Eight studies of twelve lessons have already been published, and approximately twenty-two other courses are being developed for use by those who enroll in this program. It is being offered in conjunction with Southern Methodist College in Orangeburg, SC. Perhaps you and your church would like to start one in your area!"

For more information, please see our Wesley Institute page and/or our Wesley Institute video.

Six Hours of Eternity

A Christian Historical Fiction Novel

Six Hours of Eternity

Lanny Carpenter

 "Hi, my name is Lanny Carpenter, Board Member and Staff Writer for Light of Life Ministry, and the author of our Christian novel, Six Hours of Eternity, written from a concept by J. Oliver Jones.  The setting for the novel is the six hours Jesus hung on the cross. Here you will find the agony, heartbreak, regret, and sorrow that surrounded that great event. You will feel the excitement of the Passover Feast in Jerusalem, and the pain in the hearts of the followers of Jesus. This novel will show you the meaning of the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. We hope you are blessed!"

Please see our Christian Novel page in order to obtain this book. Because it is intended to be a witnessing tool, we are making it available as a FREE download! Download it or share the following link with a friend: hours.pdf

You may also order the book for $9.95.




Covering Various Topics

Free to Serve GodChrist and the Passion WeekChristian Passover CelebrationNot Sure About Jesus?I Have Just Trusted Jesus as My SaviorTen Vital QuestionsHealing in the Church AgeMedical Crisis

Barbara Jones

"Welcome! I'm Barbara Jones, wife of J. Oliver Jones, and Board Secretary for Light of Life Ministry. Allow me this opportunity to tell you of some great booklets written by my husband. These booklets cover a wide variety of topics, such as Christ and the Passion Week and Ten Vital Questions. For witnessing purposes we have Not Sure About Jesus?, and for discipleship we offer I Have Just Trusted Jesus as My Savior and Free to Serve God. For those of you who may be going through a medical hardship or disease, read Jim's personal story, Medical Crisis: Lessons From a Hospital Bed. These booklets are sure to be beneficial to you."

 Please see our Booklets page to order these publications. They are available as PDF downloads or as soft cover booklets.