Statement of Purpose

The purpose for the existence of the Light of Life Ministry is fourfold as below:

Jim Jones Teaching

  1. To fulfill the Great Commission, i.e., to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to those who are lost and apart from God, and to then disciple them (teach them to observe) in all things taught by the Lord in the Scriptures. (Matthew 28: 20) This process will of necessity involve training in witnessing and evangelism.
  2. To teach sound doctrine (Biblical Truth) to those who are so inclined to study to show themselves approved unto God as workmen who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth (2 Timothy 2: 15). This will be accomplished by working with the local church and/or with individual believers to establish Bible training centers in churches and homes.
  3. To train those so gifted by the Spirit to be teachers, who for various reasons cannot attend Bible College or Seminary, that they may be prepared and qualified to teach in the church and in other small group settings (2 Timothy 2: 2).
  4. To write, prepare, and publish study materials that are consistent with our Statement of Faith, hold to the Arminian interpretation of Scripture, and enable the previous purposes in this statement to be accomplished.

In addition to working with the local church to increase the effectiveness of its Christian education programing, it should be noted that the plan whereby these purposes are to be fulfilled also involves establishing Bible training centers (such as Wesley Institutes) and small group discipleship ministries in as many places as the Lord will permit through His furnishing the workers and the financing for these centers. While the primary purpose of this ministry is not to establish new churches, it is possible that a Bible and ministry training center may result, in some instances, in a church being established.

It should also be noted that new converts, once established in the faith (through the process of being taught in the small groups for new converts), will be committed to the care of a local congregation of believers either in an established church or in a new church planting mission. It is our desire that God might use this ministry as He brings revival to His Church and spiritual renewal to our land.