A Crisis of Theological Illiteracy

Pursuing a Friendship with God

After the Election – What Now

The Basic Meaning of Biblical Inspiration

Considering the Great Commandment

Counting the Cost

Do We Need Southern Methodist College

Prayer and Faith: The Error of the Word-Faith Movement

Following Christ

The Seven Principles of Freedom

The Gap Theory

Homosexuality – Response to Inquiry by DC

The Bible on Homosexuality

Ides of March – Soothsayers

If Everyone Was Like Me

The Question of Infant Salvation

Is Methodism a “Dead Sect”?

Jesus – The Passover Lamb of God

Once Saved Always Saved

The Path to Christian Perfection

Politics in America Social or Moral Issues?

Salvation And the Sovereignty of God

The Big Picture

The Good Gift

The Road Less Traveled

Tithes, Gifts, and Offerings

What Are We Waiting For?

What Is Important To God?

When Was Jesus Born

Who Is Jesus?


Continuing Christian Education for the Local Church

How We Should Walk – New Year ‘14

Living by Faith – Part 1 

Living by Faith – Part 2 

Living by Faith – Part 3 

Living by Faith – Part 4 

Prayer, the Chief Instituted Means of Grace

Pursuing a Friendship with God

Standing in the Gap

Who Are Southern Methodists?

Sin – Our Condition

Salvation – Our Choice

Sanctification – Our Course 

Service – Our Call