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Laying the Foundation

God’s Answer to Your Questions – 101   

101 Laying the Foundation

This series of twelve lessons is designed for: 1) those classified as “seekers” who are looking for answers to questions about God, Jesus, salvation, etc.; 2) those who are already believers, but need to understand the basic truths about these issues before proceeding into further study; 3) those who intend to become witnesses for Christ and need this information to help them be more effective. In other words, it is for pretty much everyone! These lessons will answer legitimate questions about God, salvation, Jesus, the purpose of life, etc., using the Scriptures to find the answers. It concludes with the expectation that those who are not believers will make a decision to accept Christ. It is also expected that those who are already believers will have a better foundation on which to build in the next series of lessons, Building on the Foundation. Now available: (142 pages)


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Building on the Foundation

Understanding God’s Revelation – 102    

102 Building on the Foundation

This series of twelve lessons is designed for those believers who desire to build on a good foundation already in place. The person in this class may be a new convert, or may have been a Christian for some time, but never attended a formal series of classes that will help him/her establish a firm foundation for understanding the Bible and for aiding in spiritual growth. These lessons are both doctrinal and practical, and include lessons on the Bible, the Trinity, the Second Coming, prayer, dealing with sin, the Church, baptism, the Lord’s Supper, Christian giving, etc.   Now Available: (190 pages)


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Becoming an Effective Witness

How Do I Tell Them?  – 103    

103 Becoming An Effective Witness

This series of twelve lessons is designed for those who understand and acknowledge that Christ has called all believers to be witnesses     for Him. This call, referred to as “The Great Commission,” is directed not only to preachers and missionaries, but to all people who carry the name of Christ. Yet, the responsibility of sharing our faith in Jesus as the Son of God and Savior of the world is perhaps the most difficult task most Christians face. Fear and a lack of knowledge are the main reasons given for not being a witness. By supplying the information and techniques needed to build confidence in one’s own ability to be a witness, and more importantly, by arming the believer with the appropriate Scriptures to use with various spiritual needs, by the end of this study being a witness should be second nature!   Now available:  (137 pages)


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A Study of the Christ

Jesus from Creation to Consummation – 104

104 A Study of the Christ

This series of twelve lessons is designed to help the believer understand who Jesus truly is, and His involvement in the creation and redemption of man. Topics to be covered will include Christ and the Trinity, Christ and Creation, Christ and O.T. Types, Christ and the O. T. Tabernacle, Christ and the Feasts of the Lord, Christ and Prophetic Scriptures, Christ and the Passion Week, Christ and His Earthly Ministry, Christ and the Atonement, Christ and the Church, Christ and the Resurrection, and Christ and the Consummation.  Now available:  (224 pages)


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Justification by Grace through Faith – 110 

110 Romans

This series of twelve lessons written by Dr. Vic Reasoner is drawn from his own Commentary on the Book of Romans, his class notes from lectures in a college setting, and his sermon notes from many years as a pastor teaching his people the truths of God’s Word. This study is a complete review of the major highlights found in Romans, and details some of the key debates found in the Arminian and Calvinist interpretations. Romans chapter 7 is given special emphasis as the “watershed chapter” in this ongoing debate, and the lesson on Romans 9 answers the question of predestination from an Arminian perspective. A must study for every church, especially those holding to an Arminian perspective of Biblical interpretation.  Now Available: (170 pages)


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A Basic Study of Major World Religions

and Christian Cults – 201 

201 World Religions and Cults

This series of twelve lessons written by Lanny Carpenter is designed to introduce the reader to five major religions (other than Christianity) as well as four of the leading cults of Christianity. Following the theme of “Basic” each lesson will reveal Basic Information, Basic Background, Basic Beliefs, Basic Scriptural Refutation, and Basic Witnessing Techniques for each of the religions and cults dealt with. Those religions covered are the religions of Pre-Literary Societies, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The cults dealt with are the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Unification Church, and the Mind Sciences. The reader will also find an introduction lesson to each section, and an overall conclusion lesson.  Now Available: (172 pages)


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John Wesley

His Life, His Doctrines, His Influence – 204

204 John Wesley

This series of twelve lessons written by Dr. Vic Reasoner, a leading Wesleyan scholar of this generation, is designed to help the student understand the life and work of the man credited for the beginning of the Methodist Church, as well as the many other groups and denominations that have sprung from Wesley’s influence. Most importantly will be the study of the various doctrines and distinctives that are a part of the Wesleyan tradition. Among the topics considered will be Wesley’s view of the Bible, his discipleship program, his beliefs concerning the Atonement of Christ, salvation by grace through faith alone, the direct witness of the Spirit, perseverance of the saints, and the sacraments as a means of grace. The final lesson will even deal briefly with Methodist Eschatology. This is a wonderful study for anyone with Wesleyan roots, or one desiring to know more about Wesley’s influence over the past 300 years.  Now Available: (160 pages)


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The Holy Spirit

His Work, His Fruit, His Gifts – 105

105 The Holy Spirit

This twelve lesson study is designed to help the believer understand the work of the Holy Spirit in God’s plan of redemption for mankind. The Bible calls the Holy Spirit the “paraclete” or the one who comes beside us to help. First comes the Doctrinal Section with six lessons on the person and symbols of the Holy Spirit, the work of the Spirit in creation, revelation, inspiration, redemption, and sanctification, and His work in the church and the lives of believers. Section Two, the Practical Section, contains two lessons from Galatians 5 dealing with the works of the flesh as compared to the Fruit of the Spirit. Tree lessons are devoted to twenty-seven spiritual gifts that are important for the works of ministry and service to which all believers are called. One of the lessons also includes a Spiritual Gifts survey to help the believer in determining his or her gift or gifts. The study concludes with a self-directed research project for those who desire to go further in understanding the place of the Spirit in revival, spiritual warfare, end-time scenarios, and other topics.



The Holy Spirit, the Apostles, and the Church – 202


How to Study the Bible – 208


Preparing and Delivering Sermons – 209

Biblical Counseling


Pastoral Epistles

Called to Serve / Lead – 309

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Additional Studies soon to be released

106 – Understanding the Bible – OT & NT Survey

107 – Ministering to the Hurting – Ministry in Action

108 – Holiness – The Two Great Commandments

109 – Genesis – The History of Our Beginning

202 – Acts – The Holy Spirit, Apostle, Church

203 – Concepts of Church Growth

205 – Hebrews – The Supremacy of Christ

206 – Survey of Christian Education

207 – Apologetics – Defending the Faith

208 – Hermeneutics – How to Study the Bible

209 – Homiletics – Preparing a Delivering Sermons

301 – Theological Trends & 21st Century Wesleyans

302 – Introduction to Conservative Arminian Theology

303 – A Theology of International Missions

304 – A Review of Church History

305 – Biblical Counseling

306 – The Minister and His Ministry

307 – Biblical Ethics – Doing What Is Right

308 – Character Studies in Leadership

309 – Pastoral Epistles – Called to Serve / Lead

310 – Psalms: Cries from the Heart